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Ways to Fundraise with WALK STAR

Join our Affiliate Program

Profit is a few clicks away.

This virtual fundraising option is contact-free and paperless. Sign up as an affiliate through our website, share your affiliate link with your supporters, and we'll ship the orders. You can see the sales through your affiliate portal, and you control your payouts!

No minimum is required.

This type of fundraiser can be for a limited time or ongoing.
  1. Set up your affiliate portal
  2. Spread the word
  3. Let us ship directly to your supporters
  4. Sit back and enjoy the profits!


Take orders, pay later.

A more traditional fundraising route. We send you printable order sheets and you meet your fundraising goals quickly.

Our WALK STAR caddy is new and useful; it practically sells itself.

No minimum is required. You pay shipping costs on the bulk order to your facility.

  1. Get forms and take orders
  2. Place the bulk order
  3. Distribute the caddies; keep the profit!

Caddies by the Carton

Buy in bulk, keep the profits.

Purchase our WALK STAR caddies by the carton and then sell to your supporters. The proceeds are yours to keep!

We'll send along laminated sell sheets to help your sales team

*Minimum of 2 cases (52 pieces) You pay shipping costs on the bulk order to your facility.

  1. Purchase the caddies in advance
  2. Sell the caddies
  3. Keep the cash!

If you are interested in fundraising with WALK STAR, we are ready to answer your questions and help you reach your fundraising goal!

Contact: Nicole Duff at